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Celebrate Chinese New Year With Free Calls To China – Localphone’s New Year Gift!

Leading provider of international calls, Localphone, is celebrating Chinese New Year by giving free calls to China for 4 days. Chinese New Year is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals and is celebrated by millions all over the world.

Localphone can help you keep in touch with your loved ones over the festive season and will save you money by making calls to China free. The calls to standard Chinese landlines and mobiles will be free from 16:00 GMT Saturday 21st January until 16:00 GMT Wednesday 25th January, which will be midnight to midnight if you’re in China. Calls to China will be revert to the normal cheap Localphone rate after the promotion, which is from just 1¢ per minute.

This promotion is open to all Localphone customers, no matter what country you’re in. As long as you call China within the promotional period you won’t be charged from Localphone. There are also no restrictions on how many Chinese numbers you can call or how long you talk for.

If you’re not already a Localphone customer you can sign up for free and then take advantage of the free calls to China offer. “China is one of our most popular calling destinations and we recognize how important it is to keep in touch with friends and family over the festive season,” said Localphone founder and CEO, Paul Cusack. “We hope our customers enjoy the four days of free calls and we wish them a very prosperous 2012.”

If you are an existing customer of Localphone then log in to your account and start making free calls to china! If not, then create a new account by visiting this link: Localphone Free Calls To China Promo Page


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