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Chat, Share Files, Call For Free Using Skype Mobile Application

Skype has been a popular desktop software for making free calls to your friend all over the world. You must have used it for talking with your overseas friends/relatives and/or for sharing files using Skype. Now, what you might not be knowing is that Skype has a mobile client too. Available for Android, iPhone (iOS) and Symbian (S60v5, Symbian^3, S60v3) Skype brings almost all the features of desktop client to your mobile phone at no cost.

Skype mobile application allows you to send IM’s to your skype contacts, share files,make calls using skype credit, call skype contacts for free, and more. Chatting with your friends or sharing files over the mobile internet can be done using any application (IM+ is the best), the reason why I am writing about Skype for mobile is its calling capability.

With Skype’s mobile app you can make calls (both free and paid) to your friends/contacts directly from your mobile over 3G, Wi-fi or even 2G network. Yes, you read it right. 2G network can also be used to make free calls to skype contacts! This is the main reason why I am using this application, not for sending IM or files but for making free calls over EDGE connection.

I have made several calls to my skype contacts using Airtel Mobile Office and not a single call dropped. I’d say Skype for mobile is a must have application for those who want to talk to their friends outside their country. Just add them as a contact, get them online and talk as much as you can!

You can download Skype for your mobile by directly entering¬†skype.com/m in your mobile phone browser. If you own a S60v5, Symbian^3 Nokia phone but still can’t download using above link then visit this link from your desktop computer and download directly.



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