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Cityscape Android App Launched For Local Area Networking

ic_launcher-xxhdpiAt an event in New Delhi, V-Star Labs unveiled Cityscape Android app for local area networking in India. Currently, this app is available on the Android platform and will soon be launched on IOS and Windows also. Cityscape is available exclusively in India, with plans to be launched globally in the near future.

The app enables people to report, alert & raise local awareness by following and connecting with their local area and other locals. It has features to share pictures, check-ins, selfies and fun content with those around as well as share and consume local news and events from the local community. Currently, users will be able to select one neighborhood, though in future versions, it will be expanded to 3 -for example around their home, work and another place of interest.

According to the creator of this app, the aim of this app is to ”delight users by helping them stay connected with their local area of choice and other locals to stay up-to date on current and important matters. Updates can be shared by anyone using the app and the Cityscape app automatically shows users just the ones from their local area of choice”.

Cityscape app takes care of your security as it does not require the users email, actual address, or Facebook / Twitter account access. It just requires your phone number for verification and to avoid spam and abuse. It does not share personal data. Cityscape also has additional features like local classifieds & discussion forums available to discuss matters that people care about, with other locals.

Commenting on the launch, Vishal Shah, Founder- V-Star Labs said, “Cityscape is a simple to use secure local social platform for people with a strong social attitude, to stay connected with their neighbourhood, however small or big. We are extremely excited and look forward to adding more updates to the app, which is available exclusively on the Android Play Store and believe it will be well-received by everyone.”


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