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Cube26 Launches IOTA Lite Smart Bulb Comaptible With Android & iOS Devices

India’s technology firm, Cube26, today launched its first smart device in the IoT category (Internet of Things) – IOTA Lite smart bulb in India. This smart bulb is powered by Texas Instruments microprocessor and uses energy efficient Toshiba LED and the hardware of this bulb is made in China. The price of IOTA Lite is Rs. 1899 and will be available exclusively on Flipkart from 6th November 2015 at an introductory cost of Rs. 1499 (http://www.flipkart.com/iota-lite-led-smart-bulb/p/itmecsq9pcuazczf?pid=LLSECSQ97VRGRPSE).


Th IOTA Lite smart bulb is compatible with devices running on Android version 4.0+ and 5+ and iOS devices. This bulb can be controlled by Android and iOS devices and for which the cosnumers are required to download the IOTA Lite app from the respective Play Stores of Google and Apple. This bulb pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 and connects into an existing light fixture without the need for a hub or extra hardware.

Since this bulb is controlled by smartphones, it provides various features such as:

Weather Alert – IOTA Lite visually shows the weather forecast at the user’s location. The app also offers a simple customization option through which users can choose any shade to denote different weather conditions.

Call/SMS alert – With its unique call alert feature, the IOTA Lite blinks in a certain color for an incoming call. This feature is beneficial when the user is around high noise area or when the smartphone is on silent mode. Users can also customize the app and add select contacts to be alerted via the Lite.

Music Sync – The Lite changes its color and syncs with the rhythm of the music providing an elevated experience. It syncs with the music playing in the user’s smartphone and provides a live, beautiful light and sound show.

Preset Modes – This feature allows users to adjust light according to one’s mood. Through its preset configurations users can customize different modes – reading mode, relaxation mode, party mode and more. Users can define their party mode and have Lite cycle through different colors at random or use the blue, green and purple colours to define their relaxation mode.

Besides above features, the users can adjust the brightness of this bulb using their smart phone. IOTA Lite uses LED technology which consumes one tenth the energy of a traditional bulb and hence results in saving of energy.

The users can remote control upto 7 bulbs with one app directly from their smart phone without a bridge. This bulb can be adjusted to go on and off without reaching out for a switch.

This bulb has life of 15000 hours, which is good enough for two years usage and it carries a warranty of one year.

According to Saurav Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Cube26, IOTA Lite smart bulb is the first device in IoT category and more devices will be launched in due course of time.

You can download IOTA Lite app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cube26.iota.smartlite for Android devices and https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/iota-lite/id1055991495?mt=8 for iOS devices.


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