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Cygnett Launches High Quality Earphones Starting At Rs. 599

Cygnett has launched today the three earphones – Cygnett Atomic II, Cygnett Fusion II and Cygnett Space Buds, which are priced between INR 599 and INR 999.

Cygnett earphones have been designed for style and comfort. They come with interchangeable rubber caps for optimal ear fit, which allows for prolonged usage without any discomfort. The dynamic sound with powerful bass and sound isolation technology enable the listeners to discern even the finer intricacies of a musical piece. The listening experience is unhindered/uninterrupted, even in crowded/noisy surroundings.

Cygnett Atomic II (Earphones with mic)Cygnett Atomic II 

The chic chrome band and vibrant colors lend The Atomic II with a feel of a fashion accessory and high feminine appeal. The built-in microphone with remote click enables easy hands-free talk in an instant. Engineered with sound-isolation technology and true bass response, you’ll be blown away by the sound these earphones deliver.

Price: INR 999
Colors: Pink + Chrome, Black Orange and Black+ Silver chrome
Compatibility: With most of the popular handset brands

Cygnett Spacebuds (Earphones)Cygnett Space Buds

Lightweight and perfect for on-the-go listening, Cygnett SpaceBuds offer sleek in-ear design. Sound-isolation technology guarantees clear and dynamic sound. The combination of rounded back and the dual color translucent rubber ear caps in the front lend it a futuristic look.

Price: INR 599
Colors: WHITE
Compatibility: All devices with 3.5mm socket

Cygnett Fusion II (Earphones with mic)Cygnett Fusion II

The beautifully designed earphones have been crafted in ceramic to give life like sound experience. The Cygnett Fusion II earphones come equipped with built-in microphone for taking hands-free calls. Just plug it to your smart-phone and enjoy hi fidelity sound without bothering about missing any calls.

Price: INR 999
Colors: Purple, Black, Orange and White
Compatibility: With most of the popular handset brands

“The sleek design of Cygnett earphones makes them more than just an accessory; they are an addition to your personality. Wear them with confidence anywhere, listen to your favorite music while others appreciate the cool stuff that is on your ears. And yes you can also make hands-free conversation from your smartphone, via the remote click provided,” says Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA (Cygnett’s India partner).


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