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BenQ Launches 18 VA LED Monitors With Eye Care Technology

BenQ has today announced the expansion of its Eye Care Technology across its entire range of VA LED monitors which will benefit the long-term vision of end users by incorporating Flicker-free technology and Low Blue Light (LBL). The complete range of Eye care monitors consists of Gaming, CAD/ CAM, Commercial, Home & Entertainment monitors. These 18 VA LED models are available in Indian market starting from Rs 4,750 to Rs 60,000.

BenQ_Eye_Care_LCD_MonitorEye Care Technology was initially adopted in EW series of monitors of BenQ last year and is now available across 18 VA LED models in India. According to BenQ, Its Eye-care technology will offer consumers a better choice for the health of their eyes. Every Monitor produces a strain of blue spectrum light that is one of the critical causes of eye damage, eye strain, headaches and sleeping disorders. BenQ’s unique Low Blue Light technology is designed to deal with the everyday problem of blue light exposure and allows a healthier time spent in front of your computer.

The other feature of these newly introduced Monitors is Flicker-free technology adopted on them, which eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue. Conventional LCD screens flicks 200 times per second. Your eyes may not see flickers, but can certainly feel them. You can free your eyes from flickers by switching to Flicker-free Monitors and let your eyes do less work.

Besides above, all the 10 Moniotrs also comes with additional features such as Senseye Reading Mode, Eye Protect Sensor, Ergonomic Height Adjustment, Smart Reminder and Bigger and Anti-glare screen.

Speaking about the launch of VA LED Monitors, Rajeev Singh, Country Head for BenQ India, said,“By introducing Eye Care Technology amid all our models we are leading the charge to downgrade the adverse impact technology is having on our eyes. We are the first to incorporate ‘Eye-care’ into monitors making BenQ a better choice in terms of health, while also producing superior image quality and functionality.”

The entire range of models available in India is listed below:

15.6” G615HDPL 4750
17” BL702A 7000
19” BL912 9500
19.5” VL 2040 AZ 6900
21.5” DL2215 8500
21.5” GW2255 8500
21.5” GL2250HM 10000
21.5” GW2255HM 9000
24” GL2460HM 13000
24” EW2440L 18000
27” GL2760H 19000
27” GW2760HS 21000
27” EW2740L 25000
GAMING 24” RL2455HM 15000
GAMING 24” XL2411Z 25000
GAMING 24” XL2420Z 27500
GAMING 27” XL2720Z 37500
CAD / CAM BL2710PT 60000


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