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Cygnett Launches Wide Range Of iPad Air Cases

Cygnett has announced the launch of a wide range of iPad Air cases in India, which includes folio and stand cases with different functions and aesthetics. These cases come with back-cover and provide all round protection to the gadget. Cygnett has taken special care to ensure thta iPad Air is easily installed/uninstalled from the casing.

Cygnett Archive Classic (iPad Air Case)“The range showcases an innovative interplay of materials and styles, for which Cygnett is known worldwide. These include textured styles (Cache, Node, Archive/Classic) that lend a halo of understated sophistication and intellectual flair whereas the sleek Paradox gives a very tech savvy and flamboyant feel. So pick your case and enjoy this iconic product in a way that suits your personality,” says Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA (Cygnett’s India partner).

The Cygnett iPad Air cases salient features and their prices are given below:



Design inspiration



Paradox (Sleek) Has a clever folding stand design for flexible viewing positions. It features a snap-on case, rubberised cover and microfiber inner. MINIMAL GEOMETRICS; inspired by foldable, functional and geometric furniture and interiors Black, Pink, Yellow and Light Grey 


Paradox(Texture) Has a dual-pyramid folding stand design for flexible viewing positions. The surface pattern mimics cracked granite, with a soft-touch finish. It features a snap-on case, rubberised cover and microfiber inner NATURE TECH; collision of advanced technology and nature, in a palette of rock and sky Charcoal & Blue 4999
CACHE Is a low profile, convertible stand case using feather-light and durable frosted canvas. The hand-stitched cover converts to landscape view, with an anti-slip microfiber inner, dual card holders and a slim PC case. EARTH, natural materials and textures of the landscape, with a palette of earth and stone Grey & Wine 4999
Node Is a slim, basic folio case made using a hardwearing woven fibre material. It features a stand with both viewing and working angles, an elastic closure and a handy inner document pocket. BAUHAUS UTILITY; an economical use of marled canvas, referencing sleek, modern apparel Grey Tweed & Brown Tweed 2999
Archive/Classic This dual-view stand case is the perfect book jacket for your iPad, crafted from quality materials with a subtle perforated design for an archivist aesthetic. CONTEMPORARY TONE; book depository look fused with contemporary tech functionality Black 3999

Cygnett iPad Air cases are available across all the major gadget stores in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata. Consumers can also buy the product from leading outlets and online e-stores.


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