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Dash 7 – Slim,Light Bluetooth Speaker For Portable Devices

Soundmatters, the leader in high-quality portable speakers,  announced today that it is shipping the world’s slimmest and  lightest  Bluetooth Speaker, the DASH7.  DASH7 is flat ¾ inch-high wireless pocket-portableBluetooth soundbar and speakerphone with huge omnidirectional sound in a thin size that slides into the slimmest purse or jacket pocket. The DASH7  features 5th generation twoofer and BassBattery for true hi-fi sound.


The sleek and sexy Dash 7  is available in vibrant red, arctic white, and midnight black colors. The DASH7 provides world-class sound for iPads, smartphones, laptops, guitars and more in a slim pocket-sized package. The DASH7 fits beautifully below an iPad or other tablet without blocking your view, providing omnidirectional sound for watching movies and music videos for the ultimate audio upgrade for tablets, smartphones and laptops.

DASH7 Features:

  • Unique ¾” height lets you nestle the DASH7 beautifully below your tablet.
  • Omnidirectional sound for watching movies or music videos.
  • Includes combo case and stand.
  • Angled stand provides even higher resolution on-axis listening.
  • Extended Bluetooth range.
  • Noise cancelling speakerphone to answer phone calls while listening to music or movies.
  • High power international USB Charger Kit (US/EU/AU/UK), powerful enough to charge your tablet.

DASH7 is priced at $219 MAP  in the U.S, and  will be available in International markets end of October.


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