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Datawind & PayUMoney Tie-Up Will Benefit Customers

DataWind the makers of Aakash and Ubislate Tablet PC, has tied up with PayUMoney to benefit its customers.The arrangement between DataWind & PayUMoney will give the customers the advantage of getting cash back of a 10% for every transaction on the purchase of DataWind’s Ubislate range of tablets & Pocketsurfer smartphone. Payment can be made through CreditCard, DebitCard and other mobile payment option available on the website.

download (5)As per the Datawind, this Offer can be availed only through PayUMoney payment option on the payment page of the Datawind’s website. The  buyer need to register them on PayUMoney before making the payment. The Buyer will receive a cash-back for all payments made through PayUMoney. The cash-back will be credited back to the Buyer’s PayUMoney Wallet, which is valid up to one year, and can be used for paying for goods or services provided by PayUMoney’s Seller partners. Also the maximum cash-back per transaction will not exceed Rs. 50/- and consumer can utilize it as a discount on the very next purchase as well.

The company has further explained in details about the refund procedures. In the event the Buyer initiates a refund in respect of a transaction, the amount of cash-back credited to the Buyer’s PayUMoney Wallet shall be debited. In event of initiation of a refund, where the balance credited to the Buyer’s PayUMoney Wallet as cash-back has been utilized by the Buyer towards purchase of goods/services, the Buyer’s PayUMoney Wallet shall be debited by the amount of cash-back and in case the PayUMoney Wallet has zero balance, the PayUMoney Wallet shall show a negative balance equaling the amount of cash-back. Where the cash-back is utilized towards a new transaction and a refund is initiated with respect to such new transaction, the cash-back from the original transaction shall be credited back to the PayUMoney Wallet while the cash-back from the new transaction shall be debited from the PayUMoney Wallet.


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