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Dell Venue 8 Tablet – Delivering Decent Camera Experience

One does not buy a tablet for its optics feature, but still one is compelled to use its camera for clicking casual images and selfies for sharing with friends and relatives over social media. If you are using your tablet for accessing the websites or watching a movie or a soccer match and if you feel the urge to click some moments then Dell Venue 8 tablet( http://www.dell.com/in/p/dell-venue-8/pd.aspx?c=in&cs=indhs1&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn) will not let you down.


The Dell Venue 8 is equipped with 5 MP rear camera (No LED flash) and 2 MP front camera for selfies and video-calling. You can argue that with 5 MP camera, you can not get crisp images with detailed contrast. Yes, this argument stands, but we must also keep one thing in mind that we are not shooting with high-powered camera fitted in flagship smartphones or in professional cameras, but with an economically priced Venue 8 to snap those moments which one does not want to miss and want to have whatever device he or she has at that moment.


With Dell Venue 8, you have to be very careful that the camera quality of this tablet is quite deceptive. The clicked images on the tablet appear not to be of good quality, but its end result are quite effective and you will feel sometimes totally surprised by the quality of the camera. Since the camera lacks support from a LED flash, thus it would not be fair to comment on it’s night time image capturing capabilities. However to give the users an idea of how daytime images look like, we reproduce below some images clicked with this tablet (Note that resolution has been reduced):

Images Shot With Rear Camera

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Similarly, this tablet will fulfill your craze for selfies, which has become a norm now. Although, the front camera is of 2 MP, yet its quality is acceptable for the selfies. See for yourself some images of the selfies:

Images Shot With Front Camera

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The other important aspect you look in your mobile gadget is its audio quality, and on this front also, Dell Venue 8 will keep you in good mood whether you are listening to your favorite song or watching movie or catching up with your soccer matches. The Venue 8 outputs good audio quality whether you are listening with or without earphones plugged in. You will get crystal clear audio without any jarring and can relax with while you are travelling or enjoying your favorite videos in your home.

What is the use of a device if it does not work for long and force you to charge you again and again. For giving you uninterrupted performance, the Venue 8 is packed with a powerful 4100 mAh battery, with which you can play videos for approximately six to seven hours and if you are just surfing the web with your wifi connection, then you can be sure that it will be with you for more than seven hours with one charge.

All said and done, as previously mentioned, Dell Venue 8 (Wi-Fi, 16 GB) is an economically priced tablet and is available for approximately Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 13,000 at different e-commerce sites.


  1. Wow, thats really great camera quality for a Tab. My Ipad doesn’t even come close to matching up

  2. Wow seems like a good gadget for selfies!
    I am about to go abroad & would love a travel companion for those long boring flights. Any idea about the memory space on this tab?


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