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Deluge : A New BitTorrent Client

Using torrents has become a day-to-day activity for us as it helps us to download and share things from and with the other people on the internet. Utorrent ,BitTorrent ,Azuerus ,etc are the common torrent clients in practice.
Today, i share with you another new and feature rich torrent client Deluge.

Deluge features a rich plugin collection; in fact, most of Deluge’s functionality is available in the form of plugins.

Its lightweight and easy to use features make it a friendly application. Besides being handy it also offers various other features like :-

  • Web UI
  • BitTorrent Protocol Encryption
  • Mainline DHT
  • Local Peer Discovery (aka LSD)
  • FAST protocol extension
  • µTorrent Peer Exchange
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP
  • Proxy support
  • Private Torrents
  • Global and per-torrent speed limits
  • And much more !


There are times when you want your torrenting activities to remain hidden from curious eyes that might roam around your PC while you’re away. Instead of shutting down the application altogether, you can simply minimize it to the tray and set a password, so whenever you want to bring it back up, you’ll have to provide Deluge with the password. Useful, indeed, but don’t rely on it too much, as one can simply kill the process from the system monitor and start Deluge again, thus bypassing the password.

Deluge offers an all-in one pack for those people who use torrents as a part of their routine. You can download the latest version of the free software from the official site Here.

My Reccomendation – Although a majority of users go with utorrent primarily because of its light weight and low CPU usage, however, it doesn’t provide you with all the necessary function.
Hence, i will suggest yoo to give this new torrent client a shot and let us know how you liked it !



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