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iPhone 3G S – Overheating Complaints !!

Yes, you read the post title correctly !

It seems to be correct because reports worldwide claim that the new iPhone 3G S is having a very crucial problem of overheating like many other electronic gadgets face. Well a French website NOWHERELSE  displays a consumer uploaded image of the new iPhone 3G S  with reddish marks ( looks like scorching ) around the battery.

For information of our readers i would like to highlight few points from the report that was posted by Apple Support on june 25. The notice says that the iPhone is good for running in temperatures between 32-95 degrees, outside that range may shorten the battery life or the phone to stop working temporarily.

The phone can be stored in more extreme temperatures like minus 4-113 F but should never be left in open as in a car as it may lead to theft or the temperatures can go more than the safe limit. If your phone gets overheated then it may show some symptoms like no charging ,dim display ,week signal or it may show you a screen like this :


If any of our readers are facing any such problems,  share your experience with us.



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