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How Demonetization Will Bring Changes in 2017 in India – YMS Mobitech Outlook

As rightly said by Govt of India, their are going to be lot of gains of demonetization of higher currency bills after the pain being experienced by Indian citizens. Demonetization ­impact will be felt across business and service verticals. Following key trends are likely to emerge in 2017 in the tech distribution space as enumerated by Ajay Laddha, Co-Founder, YMS Mobitech :

Higher acceptance for e-distribution – There will be increased acceptability for e-payments at small and big retailers alike, leading to an increased number of retailers going digital with higher acceptance for e-based offline distribution. I have seen this happening. All the shops from where I buy daily essentials and even meat shop in our area, have started accepting payments by digital wallets and credit cards.

More Efficient Distribution – This will be a surge in D2R business in India where manufacturers will directly bill to the retailers as per their need, making the supply chain more efficient and at far lesser cost.

Grey Market will Crash – Demonetization will lead to increase in cash-less transactions and hit the grey market massively (which, in case of accessories, can be as high as 70%).

Accessories under GST Net – GST implementation will lead to further adherence of taxation, leading to growth in tax-paid accessories.

High-end Accessories market will boom – Increase in Smartphone penetration will lead to a major boom for high-end mobile accessories. India might be at tipping point in 2017 with multiple international brands making a beeline for India. They will be more aggressive in 2017.

YMS Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. Is a tech-based distribution company that started operations in January 2015 with mobile services offerings Apps You Need. It operates India’s first and largest e-distribution platform, to sell and monitor products, with a promise of zero dead stock and zero loss of business opportunity.


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