Dive Into Google Drive – 5 GB Of Free Cloud Awesomeness Now Available!


I’ll be straight. I have been patiently waiting for Google Drive for a long time now. SugarSync, Dropbox, are all good in their own way but let’s be serious, there ain’t nothing like Google.

There have been workarounds to make use of Google Docs as storage medium but nothing was official. However, Google was quick to realize that it’s the cloud storage that people want rather than the sole ability of editing and storing documents online (though real time collaboration is great!). And with that Google has come up with, potentially another, awesome product viz. Google Drive. Your virtual storage drive that stays with you all the time! PC, Mac, mobile phone, etc etc…

Watch the introductory video below to know what it really does:

And tell you one thing, SugarSync and Dropbox are in for a real competition this time around.

Ciao for now. I am off to download files from SugarSync and upload them to Google Drive. Can’t miss this especially when there’s dedicated android app, PC suite and of course Google’s own stamp!

Get started with Google Drive – Free 5 GB Storage


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