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Divine Advice App To Be Launched By Taiwanese Temple

As reported by AFP news agency, a temple in southern Taiwan is to launch a smartphone app that allows the faithful to seek advice from the heavens while on the move.

“With the increasing popularity of smartphones, we will launch our own divination app next year,” said Hung Yang-chen, website designer for Jhen Hai Temple in Pingtung county.

The temple launched a website in 2005 offering online divination services, enabling Internet users to ask heavenly advice about what action to take, whether in love or commerce. Since the website was launched, the temple has seen an increase in physical visitor numbers of 30 percent, prompting it to expand into mobile apps. Divination is an important part of Taoist practices in Taiwan, and local temples are often full of worshipers seeking divine guidance.

Once this Divine Advice is launched in Taiwan, it will get ready made and huge market in India where majority of people are superstitious  These people can go to any extent to get relief for their miseries by worshiping fake babas and perform meaningless rituals. They would feel blessed to get assistance from this app and no wonder some fake baba may prescribe this app as MUST HAVE to smartphone users in India, if he or she gets substantial cut to prescribe this app.

I hope some developers who are impressed with social activists group’s war against corruption, will take some cue from this app and come out with an app to stop cancerous disease of corruption in this country. This app should be developed to detect the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and should be named Save India app, which should be made mandatory to be incorporated in all mobile devices in India. Unfortunately, I am not a developer otherwise I would have definitely attempted to try my hands on it. May be some enterprising and Arvind Kejriwal inspired human beings must be on the jobs and you do not know when this will become breaking news!


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