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Download Cricket Companion, Keep yourself Update With Latest Cricket Scores

Cricket World Cup 2011 has begun on a high note with India winning it’s first game comprehensively against Bangladesh in a high scoring match. I was unfortunately away from a television set when India won it’s first match and it was then i realized how are people with jobs and schools to attend are going to keep themselves updated with the latest scores.

I came across one such application that will serve the purposes of keeping you up to date with the latest score of the current match being played. Cricket Companion, by CrickZenga, is a perfect “companion” for a person on the move. It:

  • Shows a comprehensive scorecard of any on going cricket match (and updates it at regular intervals).
  • Schedule of upcoming matches.
  • Latest cricketing news.
  • Results of previous games.

You can also see schedule according to you preference i.e Select you favorite team(s) and Cricket Companion will show team specific schedule! It also shows the up coming match of your selected team well in advance by automatically popping up on your mobile phone’s screen (If allowed to auto start). A must have application for all the cricket enthusiasts.

Cricket Companion is available for almost all the devices including Java platform, Symbian, iphone, blackberry, android, etc. You can download the latest version of Cricket Companion by visiting m.crick.cc directly from your mobile browser or by visiting the download page of Cricket Companion on your computer.

NOTE: It require access to internet. Make sure you have internet activated and enabled on your mobile phone before using this application.



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