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Download S Voice For Your Android Phone [No Root Required]

Apple’s Siri has been making news for a long time now. We have seen how efficient it is. Samsung too came up with something similar with the launch of Galaxy S III recently. Coined as S-Voice, the artificial intelligence interacts with you the same way (or I should say same concept) as done by Siri.

The good part is that those who have used it say it really works and is not just another crap app. The bad part is as of now S-Voice is available exclusively with Galaxy S 3 and not otherwise. And the good news is, as soon as the source code for Samsung Galaxy I9300 (S III) was released, the good guys at xda forum managed to rip it apart and dig out S-Voice apk. If you are running Ice Cream Sandwich on your mobile phone then you can give it a shot to see if S-Voice works for you. The download link is given at the end.

I installed S-Voice without any hiccups on my Galaxy S II running ICS and S-Voice worked like a charm! The voice recognition was pretty awesome, recognizing most of the words I uttered. The only issue I faced was while trying to exit the application itself. Infact, I couldn’t! Had to exit it using Task Manager, there’s no escape key.

Note: You DO NOT require root access to your device. Just download the apk file, select install from unknown sources and install the app.

Download S Voice apk file

Credit: xda forum


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