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DropBox Application(Unofficial) For Symbian(Nokia) Phones

As you might be knowing Dropbox is a popular online file storing site allowing users free storage space of up-to 2 GB. Dropbox provides application for Windows and MAC for file synchronisation. Moreover, it also provides application for iPhone and android platform, capable of uploading and viewing files. However, what dropbox doesn’t provide is, an application for symbian platform, one of the most used operating system in mobile phones all over the world. Though the dropbox forum is flooded with requests for a dedicated application but nothing substantial has been done by them. No beta version has been released, nothing.

Barring Dropbox’s negligence towards symbian users, a freelance developer by the name of Waseem Al Sheikh has independently developed an application for Symbian based Nokia phones. The application (only) allows uploading of files. The application has a very small installation size, just over 100 kb’s and usage of application is basic, all it requires is the initial log-in. The application installs on almost all symbian phones (including latest version S60v5!).

Though the application has a very basic User Interface but it gets the job done easily. Despite the above mentioned features, the application suffers from various problems like, a buggy interface, font size (very small for touch screen phones), unwarranted application crashes, ability to ONLY upload files, lack of automatic sign in. Besides these basic problems, which every application faces during its early days, this application is a welcome move and should motivate Dropbox developers to work towards development of dedicated application for Symbian users.

You can download the latest build of this un-official dropbox application from here. And let me know in case you find any difficulty in running this application or you have any other alternative of using dropbox on mobile phone.


  1. For trying dropian QT installation is required which IMO is pain for some to download and use. I will wait for Smart Installer and then try Dropian.
    BTW Thanks for sharing your app 🙂

  2. This app is not fully functional like my own. Just click on my website from the login or Google Dropian. You’ll see there are apps for Symbian that are fully operational.

  3. The official Android Dropbox app doesn’t use SSL for transferring metadata. Does this unofficial Nokia app do so? Check out

  4. True. Developers are just backing out. Unfortunately the latest news of Nokia “ditching” symbian hasn’t had a great impact on developers.

  5. Dropbox provide a client with simple installation for Ubuntu too. Is really nasty we don’t have an official app for Symbian!

  6. As a (former) Dropbox user I’d like to recommend SugarSync as an alternative way to backup and sync your data in the cloud. Free accounts provide 5GB of disk space.
    Symbian official client is also there (as long as iOS and Android and web app).
    If anyone wants to register for an account, feel free to use my referral link that will add 500 MB further bonus to both mine and your account 🙂



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