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Election Apps For Staying Ahead of Lok Sabha Election Process

The ongoing parliamentary election in the country has gripped the entire nation. Hardly, a minute pass when there is news about the ongoing election process. We are now in final phases of the voting and this process will come to an end on 12th May. India will have a new government on 16th May and to enjoy the festival of demoracy, many useful election apps and games have been introduced, which are available on Windows and Nokia phone store. These apps are:

Times Now India’s Election HQ (Windows Phone Store and Nokia Store)

image015Stay informed with the latest headlines and breaking news this elections with TIMES NOW – India’s Election HQ. Follow up-to-the-minute reporting with more than fifteen new shows and live TIMES NOW feed. Lead the conversation by sharing important election news and dig deeper into the stories that matter most to you.

India Elections 2014 (Windows Phone Store)

Track the 2014 General Elections in India with this App from IBNlive and Microsoft. With official election commission data powered by IBNLive and Bing, you can use this app to search for a candidate, party or constituency, take daily elections opinion poll and many more.

ECI Voters (Windows Phone Store)

This fantastic app has voters registration application that can be used by Indian Citizens (Resident and Non Resident) to register themselves as a voter in the electoral roll and take part in the Indian electoral process.

India Votes (Windows Phone Store)

This opinion poll app gives you facility to exercise your vote pretty much like in the general elections. It also gives you facility to see results across the nation. This is real time data that you see as the results are updated with each vote.

India Politics (Windows Phone Store and Nokia Store)

Listen to the voice of your leaders and political parties across social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and News. The app also lets you track election dates, gives you live results feeds as well as keep score of current and past election results.

Meri Kursi (Windows Phone Store and Nokia Store)

image020The heat of Lok Sabha elections is soaring higher and higher with each passing second and Meri Kursi comes just at the perfect time! Meri Kursi is a musical chair based game. There are 8 parties in all, 7 chairs, 5 rounds and 1 winner! The game is as simple and easy as eating an apple.

Lok Sabha (Windows Phone Store)

From the team that gave you Circulets, comes this funny spin-off game about the political parties in India. In Lok Sabha, two people play with their political ideologies placed head to head and compete each other for seats in the Parliament.

Download the above election apps on your Nokia devices and become an active participant in this election fever!


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