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Entrecard Starts Sponsorships

Entrecard is a free networking tool for bloggers, supported by sponsors. 15% of their ad network is served by sponsors. Keeping in mind the low amount of direct advertisement and in order to increase this share, Entrecard has launched a sponsorship program.


The terms of sponsorship are easy, all you have to do is pay 25 $ and in return you get :

  • 40,000 ad impressions on your blog from across almost +20,000 blogs in entrecard network (which roughly comes out to $.60 cpm).


  • 20,000 ad impressions on your blog across a targeted vertical blogs from entrecard network (calculation comes out to roughly $1.20 cpm).

Besides bringing traffic, buying sponsorship will also result in a substantial increase in your widget ad price (entrecard claims it to be up to 2000 % ! ). This is because of all the traffic you’re getting, many other entrecard members would want to advertise on your blog. In return increasing the EC credits earned by you.

Everything being said and told, i think its a good move by Entrecard of attracting new sponsors and new members to its already established network. But i would still not prefer it as the advertising will be limited to a set number of blogs and blog categories. Besides i still prefer Google AdWords as its more reliable and since virtually every blog/site is under its watch, therefore the chances of getting traffic from a wide range of audience are greater as compared to Entrecard. And also you can adjust how many ads to display each day along with the budget per day, geography of where the ads will be shown, etc. Thus giving more control over your ads. I don’t think that Entrecard will be this much flexible.

What i wrote was my personal opinion and i would really appreciate as to what you think of it. Do share your view point with us !

For more information on this visit the official advertise page of Entrecard HERE.



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