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Epson Launches Entry-Level EH-TW5300 Full–HD Projector

Epson has updated its Full HD projector range with the launch of entry-level EH-TW5300 full–HD projector with several advanced features that is found only in Epson’s high-end home theatre models. These include improved brightness and contrast ratio specifications, frame interpolation, image enhancement and 2D to 3D conversion.


According to the company, ”the EH-TW5300 also has class-leading 3D projection features that have made Epson renowned for its 3D image quality. These include its 3LCD technology and an active, 480Hz 3D drive system that is twice as fast as competitors – together, these render 3D images with high colour brightness. It also employs an active 3D glasses system that uses Bluetooth instead of infrared signals to synchronise the 3D frames being projected with the blackout phases of the active 3D glasses. With Bluetooth, there is no line of sight needed for synchronization of the signals, and they will not be subject to any infrared interference from the remote control”.

“With the Epson EH-TW5300, we wanted to bring high-end, Full HD home theatre features to our entry-level Full HD segment,” says Mr. Samba Moorthy, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Epson India. “Never has an Epson Full HD projector with so many features and such high image quality been so affordable,” he concludes.

The EH-TW5300 sports a new image processing chip that gives the projector an “Image Enhancement” capability. In this projector, 2D movies can be converted to 3D format for different viewing experience. This feature also used to be exclusive to Epson’s higher-end home theatre projector models.

The EH-TW5300 projector supports Intel WiDi/Wi-Fi certified Miracast technology that allows for easy wireless transmission of Full HD videos from PCs, smartphones and other devices. Unlike projectors of the past that display a blank screen on startup if no devices are connected, the EH-TW5300 displays a user-friendly “home screen” instead. This home screen shows what devices are connected immediately, and allows users to choose inputs and configure settings easily.

On this projector,  3D image projection works by flashing each eye a different frame with a slightly different perspective to create the 3D effect. The frames are coordinated with a pair of active 3D glasses which use LCDs to rapidly “blackout” each lens when the frame for the other eye is shown. The blackout time for Epson’s Bright 3D drive is twice as fast (480 Hz or 480 times a second) as that of competing 3D projectors (typically 240Hz). This reduced blackout time produces significantly brighter and clearer 3D images.

Instead of conventional infrared technology, the Epson EH-TW5300’s 3D glasses use Bluetooth to synchronise the signals between them and the projector. The Wi-Fi equipped Epson EH-TW5300 projector is able to receive and project images from smart devices through wireless network using the Epson iProjection app. iProjection also allows a QR code to be displayed for smart devices to read and connect easily, after which they can be used as remote controls for the projector.


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