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Evernote 6 App For Android Comes With Major Improvements

Evernote 6 version app for Android has been redesigned and now comes with a new look and feel, and major improvements include such as note creation, editing, viewing, and search.


New notes
The new version has floating New Note button. The green plus sits at the lower corner of all note and notebook lists. When you will Tap it, your note options spring out in one of the most enjoyable interactions.

Navigation drawer
You can swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen and a panel slides for displaying your notebooks, tags, and shortcuts. If you’re an Evernote Business user, you’ll be able to switch between business and personal notebooks. You can also tap on the stripes near the elephant to open the drawer.

Web clips
Web clipping has arrived on Android. You can find a webpage that you’d like to save and tap on the Share menu and choose Evernote as a destination. Tapping the big elephant button lets you choose a notebook or add tags.

Fast notebook sharing
Evernote is great for working together with others. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a notebook around a project, then share it. Everyone with access to this notebook contributes whatever they’re tasked with. The new Evernote 6 makes notebook sharing faster and simpler than it’s ever been.

Find anything
In Evernote 6, the redesigned search screens make finding notes a lot easier. If you’re getting too many results, refine your searches by notebook, tag, and location. You can also switch between personal and business notes to quickly filter out unwanted results.

In addition to above, an Explore Evernote section has been added to the bottom of the Navigation Drawer, which will taake you through a bunch of other features.


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