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Evolution Of Google – The Ups And Downs [Infographic]

All of us are aware of what Google is and the success story behind it. Every one of us is motivated by the way Google came into existence and the massive growth it witness’s with every passing year.

Peter Kim of onlinephd.org approached the TechVorm team with an infographic that highlights the evolution of Google. The infographic was so intimidating that If I didn’t have to attent MWC, 2012, I would have published this article there and then!

Anyhow, since it’s never too late, here I am sharing the excellent work of Peter Kim and his team, portraying the evolution of Google since it’s inception.

NOTE: The infographic uses iframe, in case you have that disabled, please enable it. And also, it may take a good amount of time for it to load (it’s kind of big!) so please be patient. It’s worth the wait 🙂

Credit: Created by Online PhD


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