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Experience Ice Cream Sandwich On Your Android With ICS Launcher Android App

Mobile phone’s are on the verge of getting an Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, treat. Samsung is on a rock n roll ride, tweeting then deleting then re-announcing the possible ICS software update dates. But in the midst of all this, what about those device owner not entitled to receive ICS update?

There’s gotta be some way out for them to get the feel of ICS. And as a matter of fact there is an easy way out!

If you are amongst those who own an Android running smartphone not listed to receive ICS update, then there’s a quick solution to take ICS for a spin (the looks and feel part only, sorry!).

Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher from Syndicate Apps treats you with ICS love. It sits on top of the installed Android version like other launchers and gives you a rough idea of how ICS will be.

There’s a downside to ICS Launcher though, it’s a half baked launcher. You’ll notice my missing features especially if you have previously used GO Launcher but don’t let that hinder you from downloading this app. Install this launcher and let it mimic ICS on your device!

Google Play Download Link – ICS Launcher


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