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Expected Features of Upcoming New iPhone For Claiming Best Smartphone Epithet

Apple has always been known for innovation. It should come as no surprise that there is a lot of buzz in the air about the upcoming new iPhone, which is expected to be unveiled in the beginning of September. The following gives some information on what people can expect from the new upcoming iPhone.


A New Unexpected Name Change

For several generations people have been able to expect an iPhone to come with a standard version followed by an S model before a full blown release. There is something that is happening with the releases that will change the name that people have become accustomed to.There will be an iPhone C added to the collection of iPhone releases, which may be for budget iPhones. This is something different and would be new from the stable of Apple Inc.

To Be Available In Multiple Colors

For years people were only accustomed to the standard black edition of the phone. As time progressed with the 4 and 4S models there was a white phone added to the collection. Now people will have access to more colors. This is good for the number of people that may have been buying cell phone cases just to get a color splash. Now the iPhone 5C will give people the chance to buy cell phones from the Apple stores in multiple colors. They will not need to buy a case to get the splash of color that they need.

The Look and Features
The phone is going to be a slimmer version of the iPhone that is what people have been used to. People are impressed with the lighter feel of that this iPhone will have. There is a lot of talk about this new phone because it will be thinner and lighter to carry. There is also a better camera for this new phone as well. Fewer people will need to carry around a digital camera because they now have a better camera with the new iPhone 5C. The quality of the camera is much better than ever because of the low light features.


What more people are really interested in is the pricing. The new iPhone is supposed to be much cheaper than the other phone. This phone is actually supposed to be cheaper than any other iPhone that has ever been released. This is something that will surprise the followers of Apple.The iPhone is 5 generations into cell phones. Competition has been even greater because of the Samsung competition. That is why so many people are looking forward to what the new iPhone may bring. People may have the ability to get iPhones for less because Apple is trying to compete again with the competition.

Fingerprint Sensor

For a long time people have been interested in more security for cell phones. The new enhanced security measures are allowing people to protect their phones in the event that a phone is lost. So many people put lots of information into their phones. It can be tragic if they lose these phones. That is why the fingerprint sensor has been placed on the new phone.


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