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Fake iPhones & iPads From China On The Rise In US – What About India?

As per news report published in New York Times, police has seized fake iPhones and iPads in New York. Counterfeiting seems to be on the rise, with thousands of fake iPhones found in seizures in California in 2010 and 2011, said Leander Kahney, editor and publisher of CultofMac.com, a technology news site devoted to Apple. Last summer, a South Carolina woman believed she was buying a new iPad sealed in a FedEx envelope, only to get home and find that it was made of wood.

The fakes are believed to come from China. Some are made of real Apple parts stolen from company factories there, but most are wholly produced with separate materials. But the fakes have takers also. There are some really sophisticated ones coming out of China that some people actually prefer fake devices.For instance, it has a replaceable battery, so you can swap the battery out, which you can not do on the iPhone.

In India too, counterfeiting is very common and all the dedicated markets of mobile phones, automobile accessories, computers are full of fake devices and spare parts and retailers have scant regards for law. They display these items openly and in brazen manners in their showcases and you name any product, they have it at dirt cheap prices.

In Gaffar market( Karol Bagh), in central Delhi, you can have all types of fake mobile phones and tablets. Kashmere Gate automobile market is famous for all types of fake devices and spare parts and in Nehru Place, you can get all types of fake computer items and pirated software.

Unfortunately, unlike US, we have not heard that any retailer has been detained by police or any other government agency for selling them openly unless there is some specific complaint against somebody. Even if somebody is caught selling fake items, he is least bothered because he knows how to come out of mess as our long arms of  law are quite flexible!

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