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Fast File Transfer Android App – Alternative Of Wifi Direct, Available For All Android Phones

There was Infrared, Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and then came Wifi Direct. With Wifi Direct, you get exceptional transfer speed, blazing fast to say the least and way more than what bluetooth of even a USB connection has to offer.

The sad part is that the functionality is available only in relatively newer android devices and that too with manufacturer customized ROM’s. A good example being that of Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100G), Galaxy S III, etc. All these devices, with tweaked android version pre-installed support Wifi Direct but once you switch over to custom ROM viz. CyanongenMod, you lose on the feature of Wifi Direct. Unfortunately, the Wifi Direct SDK is available to develop upon but developers are yet to work on that.

Anyhow, thankfully, there’s an app for off the market ROM’s like CyanogenMod and unsupported devices. Fast File Transfer android app lets you achieve almost the same experience as that of Wifi Direct! Available for free in Google Play store, Fast File Transfer makes use of Wifi tethering function on your android device (hence your phone should be capable of wifi tethering) to transfer file(s) to other device. The good part about this is that the recipient need not have this app installed in order to receive the file. The recipient needs to open an ip address in it’s web browser to download the file.

I tried this app, transferring 175 MB of video file from Samsung Galaxy S II running CyanogenMod 10 to LG Optimus VU P895. The transfer completed just under 90 seconds (refer video) which roughly amounts to 2 MB/s of transfer speed. Not mind blowing stats but it’s way better than transferring over Bluetooth. You can download Fast File Transfer for free from Google Play store using image link below.


  1. ok 1 minute i ve got it. but yet you better be calling it somehow )) Fast File Transfer strikes more as a description

  2. so weird read the artical diagonally and still dont know whats the name of this marvelous app. i m ready ! give it to me. no way.


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