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Five Cool & Funky Amkette Audio Gadgets

If you are party animal and love grooving to audio then your search for cool audio products will definitely lead you to following Amkette products:

Amkette Trubeats ClipOn Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Headset & Receive

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This is the ideal device for partying in the car when you are on road trips. You can connect 2 mobile/devices with this at the same time with wireless music receiver and inbuilt microphone. You can wear it or clip it and can also be used as a wireless aux for your cars which enables music streaming from your mobile to your car stereo.

TruChat Boomer Wired Gaming Headset

This is hi-quality headset with booming bass and has been specially designed for gaming and music with comfortable soft ear buds. Available in two funky colors, these headsets are a must have for those who love music and gaming equally. Ideal for playing games in a house party.

Amkette Trubeats Metal     


The Bluetooth speaker has an exceptional output and has metal body. It provides with an 8 hour battery backup and is ultra-portable and can be carried wherever you go. It is an ideal travel companion.

Trubeats Pulse S8 Earphones          

These earphones have been specifically designed for those who like to stay fit and at the same time connected to their music. It is ideal for workout sessions. Being ultra-light weight, it features flexible neckband and also allows to take calls through built in MIC.

Trubeats Air 2.4 Wireless Headphone        

These headphones use Intelligent Wireless Technology (IWT) to give you uncompressed Digital Audio over 2.4GHz frequency. The IWT not only delivers wirefree, near lossless audio quality, but also consumes low power, is virtually interference free and enables two way communication. This makes it an ideal device for listening to digital music from your PC / Laptop or for Gaming and VoIP applications.


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