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Flipkart Is Not Only Efficient But Has Very Fast Service

Dear Readers,

I want to share with you my experience of getting Motorola Moto G with 16GB internal storage from flipkart.com. I wanted to gift my daughter a good budget Android smartphone in the range of Rs. 10,000 to 14,000. I opted for Moto G because of its build quality,screen size of 4.5 inches and running on the latest Google Android KitKat version 4.4 plus other features.This smartphone was launched in India in the month of February,2014, and have been selling like hot cakes since then. Please see our blog – Moto G Will Be Available Exclusively On Flipkart In India From 6th Feb and detailed review on our another blog – Motorola Moto G Review – Your Only Choice For A Budget Android Phone


I have been ordering lot of stuff on flipkart.com but the experience of getting Moto G was unique. I ordered the Moto G with 16GB inernal storage under exchange scheme of flipkart. They charged me Rs. 12.049 for this device after deducting Rs. 2,000 for the 18 months old smartphone handed over to them at the time of delivery of ordered Moto G. The current price of Moto G (16GB) is Rs. 13,999 (Rs. 13,999 – Rs. 2000 = Rs. 11,999 + Rs. 50 for delivery charges = Rs. 12,049). I ordered the Moto G at 11.30 AM on 4th April and to my great surprise, flipkart delivered the ordered device around the same time next day i.e. on 5th April, which means they effected the delivery within 24 hours! However, they have mentioned on their site and in their ordered confirmation that delivery time is 2 to 3 business days. If you get such type of service then that day is not far off, when you will not be required to visit the brick & mortar shop to buy your products and even stuff of daily use.

Their quick service speaks volumes about their business acumen and this is the reason that Motorola has chosen flipkart for selling their Moto G and Moto X smartphones exclusively on their e-commerce portal. Flipkart is one of the leading online retailers in India, which sells variety of products ranging from technology products to books, watches, jewelry and kids stuff etc.

UPDATE: It has been really disappointing to see the reaction of the readers towards this article. I am not sure what is causing them to believe this is a “paid” article (which is not). Moreover as a proof that the delivery was really made as mentioned, I am sharing the screenshot of the order page.

A small note to those criticizing the story as paid media, all I have to say is, try to appreciate something which is indeed genuine. We don’t have to downgrade everything which comes our way, in this case Moto G or Flipkart. Those blatantly trying to downplay this as a promotional article, please visit Flipkart, there are innumerable mentions of prompt deliveries and happy customers. As far as Moto G is concerned, I still stand by it being as a “Poor man’s nexus” device.


  1. It was marked as Spam by the Disqus comment filtering. If you would have mentioned it politely here or contacted us via twitter, email, contact form, etc, we would have looked into it. Anyway you comment is live now.

  2. IMHO eBay is the best online shopping experience. Flipkart has higher prices for all items. Even citing the author’s experience, he has paid 12+ for this phone after getting an old phone exchanged for 2000. On eBay the one could have bought Moto G for 11+ without any exchange. Besides you will surely get more than 2000 for an 18 month old phone in the open market.

  3. I think the extra Rs.50 is for next day delivery only. I also got it in the same way. Not a big deal if we have to pay Rs.50 extra for delivering the phone from Bangalore warehouse to my home in Bangalore

  4. Just because the author had a wonderful experience, it doesn’t mean he/she should evangelise the brand. Whether this article is paid or not is secondary, but this article does come off as biased. As journalists or writers, that’s something you should always avoid. It leaves your readers in bad taste, and you should maintain some level of neutrality.

    I live Bangalore, and work right next to the Flipkart office here in Kormangala. I keep bumping into their employees when I head out for lunch or meet them at my gym. That’s how close I live to Flipkart.

    I had order 2 graphics card to go into my BitCoin mining rig from WS Retail, and was promised delivery within 3 days, but on the third day, the order was conveniently cancelled, and my money was held hostage with them for 3.5 months. Each time I had to talk to a customer service rep, I was put on hold for over 30 minutes before I could actually talk to someone. I had to run around for over 3.5 months before the money was finally credited to my account after I served them a legal notice. I was a believer in Flipkart, and always loved their delivery and customer service, but this poor experience left me in a bad taste and swore never to buy without cash on delivery again.

    Fast forward 12 months, and I wanted to get a iPhone 5S. The product pages guaranteed delivery in 3 days, and I proceeded to buy the phone.

    On the confirmation page, I was promised delivery within 3 days, but the next day, I received an SMS saying my delivery has been delayed by 41 days. Yes, you heard me. It was delayed by 41 days and the estimated delivery date was April 25th.

    Promised Delivery Date: March 15th, 2014.

    Delayed by 41 days, and expected delivery: April 25th, 2014

    You sir, as someone who has the power to influence people shouldn’t write articles such as these which could re-enforce their decision to trust Flipkart with their money.

  5. I too ordered Moto G on April 4th from Bangalore, same day as you and I haven’t got it yet. But I wont complaint either, as I have given office address and 5th was holiday they might be waiting for Monday(next working day). It has reached in nearest hub(Electronic city) in 7hrs of ordering

  6. There are many sellers on eBay having more than 98% positive reviews.
    While in case of flipkart, WS Retail only has 85% positive reviews. There has to be bad experiences with the remaining 15%.
    With 85% positive review, this article looks like paid

  7. Then you are one of those rarest of the rarest guys who either writes their shipping address wrong and then blame it onto the shopping portal…i have may be shopped around hundred times on Flipkart and their shipping is undoubtedly the quickest of the lot..max shipping time 2 days in my experience if from flipkart..

  8. For me the headline alone is reason enough to go the write-up a go-by.

    “Flipkart Is Not Only Efficient But Has Very Fast Service”.

    Really? As opposed to what? Being efficient and having service that’s lousy as shit?

    I mean, prompt service isn’t the pink ribbon on the top, guys. Its an integral component of what, overall, makes for an efficient package

  9. I have shopped from Flipkart countless number of times now. It’s been 2+ years. Though WS Retail, the original retailer which is handled by Flipkart is good in terms of service and all, the other retailers are not so good. They have other terms and conditions and it gets kind of on the deceptive side for a first time online shopper. Another point is that earlier Flipkart used to handle their own delivery and they were good at it ! but ever since they have outsourced it to other logistics companies (must have done a make/buy analysis and figured costs would be lower) the delivery times have clearly seen a delay. Still here in Gurgaon the delivery is prompt. However in my opinion, eBay is the best online shopping destination. After so many years in the market it has perfected its model. The prices are lower for almost all products compared to Flipkart. Power sellers on eBay have gained a reputation by a hardcore ranking system and eBay holds money in escrow till the product reaches you. To make an analogy to the physical world, Flipkart is like a shopping mall, while eBay is like a market. At the end of the day I am an Indian and price matters so I prefer eBay but your choice may be different and it’s ok. No fighting. LOL

  10. I had ordered a WiFi router and a Wireless NIC for my desktop a year back FlipKart. Though it was mentioned that delivery would be done in 2-3 days, I got it the very next day. Had a hard time finding screws for the Wireless NIC though. Wish they had more Linux laptops at affordable prices up there.

  11. The word “might” was used because it is easier of such service providers to establish their warehouse there and then deliver products to other regions. Henceforth metropolitan cities tend to get early deliveries.

  12. I am not trying to defend our experience nor am I endorsing any brand. This is just an example of the number of orders which were fulfilled in or before time. There are people who are satisfied with Flipkart and there are some who aren’t. Like any other product or service, this too has 2 sides.

    I could very well argue with you on the same ground and say that based on your isolated case of phone delivery being delayed by 2 weeks, you are rubbishing their service in totality.

  13. Our orders??? You from flipkart??? Then why say they might have strong logistics??? See it IS PAID!!!

  14. Yeah like the time I ordered a phone which was to be delivered from a seller in my home town to me. Was forced to cancel after 2 weeks when Flipkart could not place where the phone was in their hub.
    You wrote an article on delivery of ONE item and fight off claims of it being paid??? In your opinion do you think it is statistically enough to endorse the delivery/ logistical chain? Not really even if you vehemently endorse the same.
    Honestly, sir, the general view is of disbelief and your phone is grossly outnumbered by others claims. Thus the endorsement of this being a ‘paid’ article.
    Read the whole timeline. Flipkart is getting real adverse publicity despite your vehement denials.

  15. True. Fortunately nothing of that sort happened with me. But yes it is a mixed bag especially seeing the type of comments this article has received.

  16. On the contrary, our orders have always been delivered before the stipulated delivery date. They might have strong logistics in metropolitan cities.

  17. If the service is great, it should be same for all items . Moto G being exclusively sold by Flipkart, so they want to deliver within 24 hrs. I have ordered an item which is very well available in my city warehouse. They can deliver it next day considering it is available locally but since 2 days my item is not moved out from warehouse . Flipkart is playing a game here. They should treat all the product in the same way like Moto G.

  18. Guess its a mixed bag.I had to dump moto g 16 gb because the exchange by flipkart was effectively ruined by the most unprofessional delivery partner.Not only was it late ,it was a dishonest lame excuses which ruined the experience.Frankly the feeling i got from flipkart was that it is not keen to retain the customer.

  19. Maybe you have not shopped from flipkart much.
    I for one have never got my package in time.
    Also I have read of many complaints that people have got their orders cancelled because they are out of stock for the product, but it was available when they ordered. Your shopping experience seems to be very recent. Maybe they have improved.
    In my case I dont understand why they send the package from bangalore to delhi to mumbai to bangalore to pondicherry.

  20. Article has been updated with an image of order page. There’s something called ‘facts’, view the image, refer the dates and then comment.

  21. Please understand that we are not comparing Flipkart to any other service, nor is it the purpose of this article. We liked what we saw and shared the same! Nothing more, nothing less.

  22. 1. Nobody has forced you to read it. You are more than welcome to ignore the same and go about doing your business.
    2. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that.
    3. Again, thank you for being grammar nazi but I am sure you have other blogs and writers to criticize.
    4. Sure, appreciate your concern.
    6. Yet again, you are only wasting your own time!
    7. Please read wed definition of blog. Referencing the same for you:
    “a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.”

    I know you have frustration to vent out but please not here.

  23. 1. Real shitty article. 2. Links to other pages 3. Too many mentions of same words. 4. Google has changed indexing criteria, please let the author know that. 5. Either paid or shitty writer. 6. He is calling pages as blogs !

  24. Boss, i ordered moto g on 3rd april and by 5th april (today) i received the phone in morning. this is not PAID!!!

  25. Clearly a biased story, IMHO because no mention of the competitors has been made.

    I found many items in Snapdeal cheaper than flipkart but Snapdeal might take a day or 2 more to deliver a product though.

  26. of course its a paid story..but i wonder, why would flipkart do suck a thing. may be the author is trying to pull in some traffic…bloody cheap though.

  27. Planned, well yes. You need to plan out every write up :p

    But on a serious note, I am not sure what’s wrong with sharing a personal experience. I believe we should have shared a screen shot of delivery schedule for the “intelligent” users to make them believe.

  28. its a planned story …specially for MOTO G publicity …….and offcourse Flipkart
    request …do not post such kind of information …users can easily make it out

  29. “Paid story” What made you say so? Moreover we are talking about Flipkart experience specifically, and not generalizing the online shopping experience for other services.


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