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For Smartpersons – Designer Smartphones Are Available – Next Could Be Designer Tablets!

Smartmen and women, aristocrats, elegant and wealthy persons pine for designer clothes, watches and automobiles, and to catch up with their love of dazzle for all types of devices, “smart” smart-phones manufacturers have come out with designer smartphones in collaboration with leading globally renowned branded companies. Some of the smart-phones have been brought by branded companies themselves.

Following designer smartphones are available:

  • Tag Heuer Link which is on Android platform – For US$ 6700
  • Dior diamond encrusted “Reveries” – For Euro 85,000
  • Samsung in association with Hugo Boss released Samsung Galaxy Ace in France – For Euro 279
  • LG E906 luxury Windows Phone in association with  fashion brand Jil Sander – For Euro 300

Fashion brand Prada in collaboration with LG will come out with the third device – Prada Phone by LG . The companies expect to have the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 ready for an early 2012 launch. The original Prada phone by LG arrived on the market in 2007 and proved to be a hit with brand loving consumers. The handset was the world’s first touchscreen mobile phone and LG sold more than one million units around the globe.

Designer handsets appear to be flavour of the moment. Who knows the next designer device to hit the market could be tablets as they are being launched almost daily. It could be possible that some shrewd and smart tablet manufacturers would already be on the job of developing designer tablet.

Wait and watch! This world is full of surprises and if you have enough money in your pocket, there is no dearth of designer devices.


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