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Galaxy Nexus Will Not Be Launched In India – Samsung, Strange?

Samsung has announced via Twitter that the company is not going to launch the Galaxy Nexus smartphone in India. This is the first official denial from the company, after several promises to launch the smartphone in the country.

The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to run Google’s Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operation system. The phone was unveiled by Samsung and Google in Hong Kong on October 19, 2011. Since then, it has been launched in almost every major market across the globe including US, UK, Singapore, Japan, and Korea.

It is beyond our comprehension why Samsung has now officially denied the launch of the Galaxy Nexus in India?

And, surprisingly that too in a tweet reply when asked about the much- awaited phone. Do we Indians deserve this type of treatment from Samsung where people clamour for Samsung handsets? What should have come as a tweet from Samsung, came in the form of a tweet reply. It seems like Samsung has stopped taking its Indian buyers seriously or, say, it has taken them for granted. As a responsible company, Samsung should have divulged this piece of information themselves, and not when asked by people.

It is not the first time that a Nexus device has not been released in the country. The first ever Nexus phone ‘Nexus One’ had also given India a miss. Even the second Nexus smartphone ‘Nexus S’ was made available after several months of the global release.

We don’t see any justifiable reason for not launching Galaxy Nexus. On one hand, Samsung keeps claiming India being one of its biggest markets. Now comes the news that the best Android smartphone ever won’t even see the Indian shores. It’s hard not to see the disconnect between the public statements and ground reality.

Some might say that this decision has been taken in the light of the upcoming Galaxy S III launch, but that is no valid reason, considering it is normal for the Korean manufacturer to flood the market with devices in every segment. While it’s Samsung’s prerogative to decide what devices to launch in a particular market, the fact it misled customers for months is most disappointing.

Earlier, we used to say that Apple is not serious about Indian market and its new products reach very late from the date of launch and probably Samsung, which is far ahead of Apple in sales volumes in the last quarter, has also gone far ahead of Apple in this aspect also – for ignoring Indian market. This was not expected from Samsung, which has a huge fan following in India.


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