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Nokia To Launch Tablets & Hybrid Smartphone – Already Too Late!

In this fast pace technology world where everyday a new smartphone or tablet is launched, you cannot hold your product for long and that too, when you are already  far behind of your competitors. Nokia, once the industry leader in mobile handsets, has not  been able to read the market of smartphones and gave golden opportunities to Android handsets especially Samsung and Apple to explode the market with their respective handsets.

It appears that Nokia is repeating the mistake again by not launching its tablets early, which is in pipeline for long.  Nokia will launch a range of tablets and “hybrid” smart mobile devices, the company’s outgoing chairman, Jorma Ollila, told the Financial Times on Thursday. Ollila, who leaves the wounded cellphone maker after 27 years, did not, however, state when the mobile devices would be launched.

Ollila told the Financial Times that Nokia had been too slow at the start of the smartphone revolution, but said the combination of new products and Nokia services would help.  Nokia is widely expected to unveil its first tablet computer later this year when Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system becomes available. “Tablets are an important one, so that is being looked into, and there will be different hybrids, different form factors [handset designs] in the future,” he said.

Once an aggressive company, Nokia appear to have become passive company. We have not seen same enthusiasm associated with launch of new products recently by Nokia. Its range of Lumia smartphones and Asha devices in emerging markets have received cold reception and sale of these devices is well-below its expectations.

Probably, Nokia has not the same fire left in its belly to promote its products and show aggression in its marketing. If they hold on to release of its tablets for long then it will be very difficult for them to make a mark in tablet market. Time is running out for Nokia and they should not waste any second now to make its tablets reality otherwise their project of tablet will not be able to alleviate their sufferings.

We used to say that Nokia and Microsoft will be a lethal combination but our prediction has gone wrong. Hope, Nokia can prove lethal in tablet market, although chance of  it appear to be bleak.

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