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Games2win Releases Math Me If You Can App for Android

Games2win has released  Math Me If You Can!, which is an educational app for Android phone and tablet, covering the scary topic of Math. This app covers 16 basic topics of mathematics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and goes all the way to Geometry and Measurements.

download (40)Gmes2win has in its portfolio more than 800 proprietary games on both online and mobile devices, including the smash hits like Parking Frenzy and Super Mom. They claim tha they have 40 million downloads of their apps and 5 million gamers a month.

How this app progresses with the game :

There are 10 levels in each of the 16 topics with increasing difficulty of questions as you cross each level. And each level has 10 questions. So a total of 1600 questions! That’s not all. The database has 15 questions out of which 10 come randomly at every try. So a mind-boggling 2400 questions in all! The user needs to achieve atleast one star to open the locked levels in each topic. Five levels in each topic are open, so that even those whom math scares can try their hands at it and fall in love with math. You get 25 seconds to answer every question and in case you need more time, you can get 30 seconds by using 10 coins. And you can always buy more coins from as low as 99 cents.

You get stars at the end of each level depending on how much you score and also an awesome Guru Medal at the end of each topic. Not only that, at the end of each level, you can even brag your level score on Facebook or Twitter and social-share your medal once you master a topic.

The best part of this math app is the leaderboard. If you are uncertain about your scores, you play as a guest (that’s by default) and get your identity as a random number to see where you stand. But when you want to see how you have fared amongst your (Facebook) friends, login to Facebook and see your position among friends!

For loading this app, your Android device must have version Android 2.3 and above.


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