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GameXS Launches PlayX – Gaming Tournaments

GameXS, one of the leading game stores in India, have launched a gaming tournaments app PlayX.  PlayX will host daily tournaments for all sorts of games where players can join and take part in from their own consoles and devices. PlayX currently has1000 subscribers and about 300 players are playing the games online.


This tournament does not restrict the users to Major games like Dota 2, FIFA or CS: GO, but also provide equally fun and challenging games for the mobile Platforms like Clash Royale and Pool.

PlayX has conducted an offline FIFA 16 tournament at SMAAASH, Cyberhub, Gurgaon,to get people to use the gaming app and experience the gaming challenge. The tournament attracted over 100 pro FIFA players from all over India and total prizes worth INR 1 lac were awarded. PlayX plans to organize gaming tournaments regularly in all major cities in the coming months.

eSports is the fastest growing segment of gaming globally and has recently been added to RIO olympics as eGames International Gaming Tournament. In Olympic years, both summer and winter, the eGames will take place in the host cities – with future tournaments planned for Pyeongchang in 2018 and Tokyo in 2020. India has seen a rise in eSports and currently the country has 130 million casual gamers and 7 million hardcore gamers.

Kabeer Jain, Founder of GameXS said, “The path to pro gaming leagues in India is through amateur leagues. The Indian gamer needs to play more competitive games without substantial investment into equipment and travel before he is ready to compete at a global stage. By competing online in free tournaments/ head-to-head challenges, gamers can hone their skills and be better prepared for the bigger tournaments.We expect about 100s of gamers participating in our weekly online gaming tournaments to begin with.”


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