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Get Facebook SMS Chat on Your Mobile Phone

SMS chat with your Facebook friends is now possible on Yahoo! Messenger. Latest Yahoo messenger beta supports Facebook SMS chat even when you are mobile! You can send and receive messages from your Facebook friends in real-time via SMS.

How it works:

  1. Download the latest Yahoo! Messenger Beta for PC·
  2. Link your Facebook account·
  3. Register your mobile device

Now when you log out of your desktop Messenger, you will be automatically logged into your mobile device.  Any messages sent by your Facebook friends will be forwarded to your mobile device and appear in your phone’s SMS inbox.  Reply to the SMS message, and your message will be sent back to your Facebook friends.

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Note: SMS charges applicable.


Guest post by Sajitha Pramod. She is a blogger who writes at http://www.sajitha.in.



  1. I simply loved reading this blog post. It has all the relevant information, that has been presented well. I’m glad I came across it. So, now I don’t need to worry about sitting in front of my computer all day just to keep in touch with my Facebook buddies, I can do all my work both indoor and out door and still stay updated. Thanks a lot for all the information.


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