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Get The Latest On EURO 2012 With ScoreMobile FC Android App

It’s raining footballs everywhere with UEFA EURO 2012 kicking in! Considering how crazy can fans be, there’s got to be a way to keep them updated with latest scores, updates and news about the ongoing matches as well as information of upcoming fixtures. If you are one of those then you should consider downloading ScoreMobile FC android app on your device. ScoreMobile FC (EURO 2012 Edition) will keep you up to date with what’s happening on the football field.

ScoreMobile FC (EURO 2012) provides complete coverage of EURO 2012 championship and the best part is that it comes with a beautiful home-screen widget that updates in real time, reflecting the updates scores right on your mobile screen! Add to that the ability to adjust the frequency rate, you won’t be worried about the app hogging your data connection. Pretty neat.

ScoreMobile FC (EURO 2012) is available for free of cost at Google Play.


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