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Gigabyte Unveils World’s Lightest 11” Ultrabook And 14″ Ultrabooks In Computex

Taiwan based Gigabyte has unveiled in Computex the X11, a breathtakingly light 11.6” inch notebook. Made of super light and ultra durable carbon fiber, the X11 is only 975g and just 3mm to 16.5mm thick. The carbon fiber material keeps the notebook incredibly lightweight, which is excellent for mobility. At the same time, carbon fiber is astonishingly strong and durable, so the X11 is great to take on the go.

Powered by an intelligent and efficient 3rd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, the X11 handles daily tasks with ease. The notebook also comes equipped with a lighting speed 128 GB SSD so that you can enjoy quick start ups, speedy app launches and fast data transfers. The X11 also has many other exceptional features, including a great audio system that provides loud, crystal clear volume, super fast USB 3.0, an island-style keyboard with great typing feedback, and a large, responsive multi-touch touchpad. The awe-inspiring X11 truly crushes the boundaries of notebook innovation by providing lightweight portability, outstanding performance and a terrific stylish design.

The Gigabyte X11 will be launched in July for between $999~$1,299.

Both models have the same bold, striking design that exudes remarkable style and combined with powerful features herald a new era of mobile computing. The notebooks have a slim form factor that is only 18.5-20.5mm thick and weigh just 1.57 Kg at their lightest, making them fantastic choices for portability. Despite their thin profile, the U2442 models are equipped with high-powered features normally found on much larger notebooks.

The U2442N comes with a powerful 3rd generation Intel Core i5 standard voltage processor that delivers tremendous performance, while U2442V is powered by an excellent 3rd generation Intel Core i7 ULV processor.

The notebooks have an HD+ (1600×900) LED Backlight display that produces bright, vivid images. Both models come equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M GPU that provides an outstanding experience for multimedia and playing. The notebooks have a great dual storage system equipped with an mSATA SSD and an mSATA 750 GB HDD. An outstanding backlight keyboard comes equipped on both models and provides an enjoyable typing experience in all settings. The U2442 also have many other fantastic features, including USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, 2T2R Double Antenna Wi-Fi, and more.

Gigabyte Technology maintains a well-deserved reputation as a major motherboard maker and vendor but the company has also become a talented and successful notebook designer over the past five years.


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