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GO PUCK Portable Chargers For Mobile Devices Launched In India

front-withmountFlorida based GO PUCK has forayed into Indian market and launched today portable chargers for smartphones, tablets and wireless gaming consoles. The tw chargers launched by GO PUCK are – 3X for Rs. 4500 and 5X for Rs. 6500.

The Go Puck chargers comes with a unique RAPID (Regulated Accessory Power Increase Distribution) charging USB port, which allows users to get their device fully charged quickly, irrespective of the number of apps in use.

77122861GO PUCK portable chargres also has  some important feature like Data block technology, which would stop hackers from snagging sensitive information through such get aways of supplying portable chargers which snag information on connecting to your Desktops or Laptops. The company claims that the GO PUCK range also comes with a smooth comfortable exterior packaging that is designed to slide easily into your pocket, backpack, purse, briefcase, vest, jacket or jersey. The integrated ClamLock design allows for a lightweight rugged casing which keeps the total weight as light as 4 ounces & provides all the power needed. The complete range of mounting accessories enables the GO PUCK to be clipped onto cameras, backpacks, belts and any fixtures with a countersunk hole. Equipped with a rugged design, the active mount also helps protect the GO PUCK and weights only 1 OZ. It offers approved cabling for a majority of mobile products, making it easy for any customer to add a signature cable of their choice.

GO PUCK has not shared with us details of the chargers and their India prices.

Commenting on its entry into India, Aniruddha Karanjekar, Director, GO PUCK India said, “At GO PUCK we understand how important power is to our customers who lead a fast paced active lifestyle. The product range is specially designed to not only charge devices at a rapid speed 50% faster than the conventional wall outlet chargers but is also small enough to fit into your pocket. Having received tremendous response world over, we are certain GO PUCK will aid Indians and provide them with mobile freedom and the truly well deserved Smartphone compatible Portable Charger!”


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