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Gold Will Always Shine – Gold And Fixed Deposits Are Safe Investment

Gold prices peaked few days back  when it tested US Dollars 1800 an ounce or approx Rs.29,000 per 10 gram. Although gold prices have come down substantially to USD 1676 an ounce or Rs. 26,700 per 10 gram as on 27th September, 2011 and is expected to come down further. But ultimately it will again see upward trend in prices and if gold and reputed analysts are to be trusted then it may touch USD 2000 or more by middle or latest by end of 2012. Fundamentals of rise of gold prices are strong and most of the investors are losing interest in equity market because of its volatile nature and they find gold as safe investment for long term investment. Some critics say that you cannot eat gold in difficult time but you can always get good value for your money on your investments of gold in critical time.

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For long term investment, one should always buy gold from reputed sources like banks, reputed jewellery shops with proper certificates about their genuineness and weight. One should invest in coins and gold bars and another authentic source of procurement is retail showrooms of Mineral and Metal Trading Corporation Limited (MMTC), who have branches in all major cities of India. If somebody has to buy gold jewellery even then they should buy preferably from MMTC, who have good designs of jewellery with KDM certification or from reputed jewellers with proper certification of KDM genuineness and weight. Most of the jewellery shops take the customers for a ride and offer them 18 or 20 carats gold and customer should insist for 22 carats gold for jewellery. In whatever way one prefers to invest in gold, its shine will always sparkle and it will never disappoint its owners.

Future of equity markets appear to be grim because of gloomy story of  Europe and Greece on the verge of default of its debt payment. US is already in mess and there are no signs of improvement in the coming months.

For short term investment, fixed deposits are safe bets. Currently, reputed banks are offering maximum of 10.50% per annum interest. Those investors who are not prone to risk taking appetite, should adopt this route of parking their surplus funds in fixed deposits.


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