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Avoid Pesky SMSes – Procedure For Blocking SMS And Calls [TRAI Regulation]

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As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulation, you can avoid receiving pesky smses and unwanted calls w.e.f 27th September, 2011. One can register to get rid of unwanted commercial calls and smses. User is provided with various preferences to receive messages from viz. :-

  • Fully blocked category (NO telemarketing call/sms)
  • Partially blocked category – The options under partially blocked category are as follows:
    • Banking/Insurance/Financial products and Credit cards,
    • Real estate
    • Education
    • Health
    • Consumer goods and automobiles
    • Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
    • Tourism and Leisure

Procedure to register yourself under DND (Do Not Disturb) is very simple. Just follow the steps given below to get registered:

  1. Register through voice call by dialling 1909 for registration. You can choose your preference, change preference and de-register from hereon.
  2. Registration through sms. Send SMS by writing START (option) to 1909 For example, to receive SMS from option Health, send SMS in the format START 4 to 1909.
  3. For change of preference, send SMS in the format STOP (option/s) to stop the existing option and START (option/s) to 1909.
  4. For de-registration, send SMS  in the format STOP to 1909.
  5. If ‘O’ is sent with any other option/s, it will be treated as fully blocked preference. For instance, SMS START 0,2,3 to 1909 shall be considered as fully blocked option.

Registration of preference, change of preference and de-registration will be effective in 7 days. You can also register and de-register on the websites of your service provider or on the website of  TRAI.

It is hoped that this time, TRAI shall be able to enforce its order unlike its earlier order of DO NOT CALL order which failed miserably. This time there is provision of hefty fines to be imposed incase of unwanted smses and calls and this may prove deterrent for callers to avoid giving pesky and unwanted calls. Onus should also be on service providers to get this scheme implemented so that service users could heave a sigh of relief from unwanted calls and smses.



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