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Good Reasons For 5S Users To Switch To iPhone 6


Apple announced its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus few days ago and as usual, Apple devouts have gone crazy to possess these new devices as early as possible. Apple has recorded four million pre-orders for its new iPhone 6 series and the customers are attracted to is for its various new features introduced on these devices. The iPhone 6 debut stayed true to the majority of rumors floating around before the big event—bigger screen size, curvier design, NFC payment capabilities and beefier power on the inside. It’s the phone every Apple enthusiast wanted, and yet, there are still plenty of 5 and 5S owners who feel the update fell short and would rather stick with their current devices.

Apple Pay

The anti-Apple trolls will be the first to tell you that NFC payments are not new. Android and Google Wallet has been on board with NFC for a few years, but the big difference with Apple is implementation. Major banks and finance companies like Chase, Bank of America, Capital One and American Express are on board with Apple Pay and are making it known to all their customers that they intend to take it seriously, reports The Washington Post. That’s something we didn’t see with Google Wallet.

Protection is Cheap

The competition for iPhone protection plans is getting very competitive. Apple offers its own in-house protection service called AppleCare+ for $99. It comes with some pretty good perks if you only want to deal with the Apple store. However, third-party companies are now offering iPhone protection plans that often leave AppleCare in the dust. For example, Protect Your Bubble has a monthly protection plan for $5.99 instead of a large, upfront cost.

Bigger Is Better

Many people are fascinated with larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy series, but it was one of those features that Apple enthusiasts never needed. However, now with the iPhone 6 Plus, users have the ability to choose between the classic, smaller screen or the larger phablet-like screen.

In the past, big screens were a fringe choice in the smartphone world, but now they’re the industry standard. Apple couldn’t stand by with its four-inch screen and let Android bite out any more chunks of the market share. The 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 6 is a great size that fits comfortably in the hand, and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect option for consumers who want the “iPad-like” or phablet screen without having to buy both an iPhone and an iPad.

Back to Basics

Apple is going back to basics with their phone design. Originally, the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS all shared the same basic curved design around the edges. In order to make it slimmer, Apple introduced sharp edges with the iPhone 4, and then went even thinner with the iPhone 5 and 5S. Now, Apple is finally bringing the best of both worlds together and joining curved edges with its thinnest device yet. And when I say curved, I mean everything is curved. Even the glass is curved at the edges so that it blends seamlessly into the aluminum sides and back. Apple has never made a device that feels this unified.

The release of the iPhone 6 might be the biggest jump between iPhones since the 3GS to the 4. There hasn’t been a better time to upgrade. Plus, the iPhone 6 looks like it could be the best iPhone yet.


  1. First, mobile payments is still in nascent stage, writing off Apple Pay or for that matter Samsung’s initiative won’t be correct. There’s still a long way to go. The good part is Apple has (I hope so) studied the mobile payment arena before finally stepping into it. So expect some movement in this part of mobile tech.

    Second, you can’t compare a limited hardware protection with (sort of) complete coverage. That’s like comparing oranges with apples.

    Third, what’s wrong with more screen estate? Everyone loves more pixels! Moreover, Apple had to match it up with all the 5″ devices out there (read Android).

  2. call me a troll but…

    Apple Pay- yes Sammsung only have tie in with the small companies like Visa and Mastercard and only had it working in London Olympics and across Europe(small fish)
    and not sure when Apple pay will be available in the UK…

    protection is cheap? check how much your liability is with protect your bubble and such(£50-100) they are all the same. but the S5 is water and dust resistant so a few things you don’t need to worry about

    bigger is better – can’t believe you went there…

    Back to basics – design is nice I agree. but not sure how practical a glass back is when you want to open it for a MicroSD card or battery change?


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