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Google Analytics Android App – Track Website Visitors From Mobile

This particular android app will be immensely useful if you are a blogger/website owner. Every website owner is interested in keeping a track record of visitors it’s website receives, pageviews it gets, etc. And to do so there’s nothing better than Google Analytics.

You can now keep a track record of your website via official Google Analytics Android App coming directly from Google’s kitty! Google Analytics Android App lets you do everything the web version has to offer including overview of unique visitors, alerts, page tracking and more.

The best functionality is this app comes with functionality of tracking visitors in real time. Considering that the web version of real time visitors of Google Analytics is still in beta stage, putting that in android app is good thinking by Google.

Google Anayltics for android is available for free in Google Play Store. You can get the app for your device by visiting the following image link.


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