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Google Gives A New, Easy On Eyes, Look To Gmail

Google has unveiled a new look for its free email service that has more white space, less clutter, threaded conversations, new themes, and better search.

“We’re excited to finally share Gmail’s new look with you….” Google user experience designer Jason Cornwell said in a blog post. “We’ll be bringing these changes to everyone soon….” he said. “But if you’d like to make the switch right away, we’re rolling out a ‘Switch to the new look’ link in the bottom-right of Gmail over the next few days”. The new layout has a revamped “conversation view” to make it easier to keep track of who said what in email trails and improved tools for searching mailboxes, which typically serve as storage bins for users.


Google also began providing more insight and control regarding how ad pitches are personalized to users. Information such as location and search history is used to decide what ads people might find more useful. People can use Ads Preference Manager tools to tune systems to their tastes or block messages from advertisers that are of no interest to them.

Instant messages (Google calls them conversations) now come with photos and the messages have a better streamline like a real conversation.Adding a social element, Google is adding profile pictures beside each message. The density of the text also adjusts depending on your screen size and resolution, making it easier on the eyes.

Click On "Switch To New Look"

Google has also rolled out the new look for Google Apps users who use their own domain name for email addresses but use Google’s email service. Google has also tied up with iStockphoto for new high-resolution themes for Gmail. The Gmail navigation has also got a makeover and is now more customisable.

The Google news came a day after it introduced a new version of its Reader that gives the tool a more Spartan design and increases integration with the California-based Internet titan’s Google+ social network.


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