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Google Has Added Books To Google Play Store For Indian Users

Google has now added books to its Google Play store, for users in India., and they can pay for the same in Indian rupees. Books on Google Play include thousands of Indian titles, from new releases to classics. The users will be able to download ebooks from a collection of  of 4 million titles, which include thousand of Indian titles, from new releases to classics.

The Play Store now has two sections – Apps and Books. Selecting Apps will take you to the old app store, where you can download apps and games, while selecting Books will take you to Google Play Books, where you can browse through and download books. Users can also preview some books on their computer or phone before buying them.

Books are stored on the cloud so users will need Internet connectivity to access them, however, the Play Books reader apps remember the page of the book where the reader left, the last time he was reading.

Users will be able to discover, purchase and read books on Android phones, tablets, and PC. One can purchase and read books on the Google Play store and read in one’s web browser. Users can also read books on iPhones and iPads i.e., in the Google Play Books app.

Google has also customised the store keeping in mind the Indian market, and has added books from Indian authors like Amish Tripathi, Devdutt Pattanaik, and Khushwant Singh, among others.

This move has been prompted by US online giant Amazon’s launch of the Kindle Store in India. Indian e-commerce major, Flipkart had also started offering ebooks, last year.


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