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Google Launches Daydream View in India At Rs. 6,499

Daydream View Google has launched today high-quality VR, Daydream View, in India. This is developed by Google itself and is priced Rs. 6,499. Google Daydream View headset and controller will be available exclusively on Flipkart starting today.

Currently, the Daydream View will work with Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL and Moto Z phones and soon will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ as these phones are built with high-resolution displays, powerful mobile processors and high-fidelity sensors.

With Daydream View, users can experience sports, live events and more in full 360° panoramic view. Indian users can watch top shows and movies, distraction-free, on their own virtual big screen. Additionally, you can use Street View to see curated tours of over 150 of the world’s most amazing places like the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal.

Apps and games on Daydream include NYT VR, Guardian VR, The Turning Forest, Labster: World of Science, Netflix VR, Google Play Movies, Within, Fantastic Beasts, The Arcslinger, Wonderglade, Mekorama VR, Gunjack 2: End of Shift to name a few.

This headset is made with soft, breathable fabric and is designed to fit over eye glasses. The phone and headset have an auto-alignment system so users don’t have to worry about cables or connectors.

One of the USP of this headset is its controller which lets users interact with the virtual world the same way they interact with the real world around them. It is packed with sensors that respond precisely to a user’s movement and gestures. After using it, you can slide it into a specially-created area within the headset and never worry about losing it.

Speaking on the launch, Clay Bavor, Vice President of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Google said, “Daydream View promises users a mesmerising experience. Swim with a pod of dolphins, stand at the edge of a volcano and even visit Pluto with Daydream View. Users can teleport from virtually anywhere to pretty much everywhere. Our aim is to make the VR experience mobile so that customers can easily carry it anywhere with them. We at Google are also working with developers, smartphone companies, and content creators to make VR accessible to all.”


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