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Google Launches Two Streaming Devices – New Chromecast & Chromecast Audio

Besides new Nexus smartphones and convertible Pixel C tablet, Google has also announced two new streaming devices at Nexus event yesterday in SFO. These two streaming devices are – New Chromecast & Chromecast Audio. Both are priced $35.

The new Chromecast has been upgraded with new designs and comes in refreshed two more colors. It will be available now in three colors – Black, Red, and Yellow. The upgraded Chromecast is now will be easy to plug into TVs with crowded ports. It will support the latest Wi-Fi standards and adapts more easily to changing Wi-Fi conditions in your home. It will now be possible to get higher quality video with less buffering.

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The new Chromecast’s connectivity and WiFi features have been upgraded and now this new Chromecast can stream high-quality content without problem and less buffering. It will now support the faster 802.11ac band, and is also capable of choosing the best WiFi bands to use for the highest-quality stream .The earlier Chromecast was capable of supporting only 802.11b/g/n.

The new device also incorporates a new feature called “Fast Play,” which allows it to start a video or audio streaming much quicker to start on pressing the Cast button.

Chromecast Audio is also a small and interesting device that plugs into your existing speakers. With it, you can stream your favorite music, radio and podcasts over Wi-Fi, similar to Chromecast. It works with tons of apps, including Spotify, Pandora and Google Play Music.


This device works across different platforms of Android, iOS, and laptops. Just like Chromecast, it works from anywhere in your home with your favorite devices since it provides multi-room support which means that you can connect several networked devices to power multiple speakers in your home.

The new Chromecasts will be available in 17 countries starting September 29 for $35 each. It is not clear when these two devices will hit the Indian shores.

Google has updated Chromecast app with search feature. Now it will be easier for users to find things to watch or to play, across the thousands of apps that work with Chromecast—whether you feel like browsing or want to search for a specific TV show or movie. The updated Chromecast app will roll out on Android and iOS over the next few weeks.


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