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Google Maps 6.0 For Android Includes Indoor Mapping Of Big Shopping Stores & Airports

Google is expanding the scope of  its mapping technology and bringing  it inside big stores and airports to give the viewers better idea of  inside maneuvering. An upgrade of Google‘s mobile map to version 6.0 includes directions within stores, malls, airports and transit centers in the U.S.A and Japan. This mapping functionality will  figure out how to find housewares, ATMs, and your flight gate once you are inside a shopping mall or an airport.

Google‘s inside mapping will work similarly to its outside mapping. A little blue dot will move along with you to show you where you are, and the technology is even able to know what floor you are on. The indoor maps are designed to reduce the disorientation that frequently occurs in sprawling stores and other large complexes. However, as of now, Google’s indoor maps can only be viewed on smart-phones and tablet computers that run on the company’s Android software.

That’s still a potentially huge audience because more than 550,000 Android-powered devices are activated each day and the mobile maps will work on versions of Android released as far back as 2009. A Google spokeswoman said there is still no specific timing for when indoor maps will be available for non-Android platforms (Symbian users can lay back for a few months :P).

It’s exciting news, but the  release is  limited so far. Although Google‘s launch partners include 18 U.S. airports such as Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and San Francisco International Airport – LAX- Los Angeles  and JFK – New York, are still not available. Some of the big  stores such as IKEA, Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Home Depot have already been mapped, but not Target and  Wal-Mart. Many other stores have not been covered so far and may be covered in the coming days.

Google is expanding its services for convenience of  its customers and let us see what is next goodie in store for us.


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