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Google Person Finder – Locate Missing People In Uttarakhand Floods

The holy destination, Uttarakhand, India has suffered a major natural calamity causing several precious lives and many missing people. Amongst all the chaos, crisis response team of Google India has undertaken a noble cause and introduced Google Person Finder service.

Google Person Finder Uttarakhand India

Google Person Finder tool gives the ability to trace missing people in flood impacted regions of Uttarakhand. In addition to that, it also allows submission of data about someone. Thus, if you are a reader living in or near the flood impacted regions of Uttarakhand, you can also support this Google initiative by submitting information about people who are missing. Apart from work of official authorities and information submitted by them, you can also do your part by keeping vigil and sharing crucial information about someone who might be found by his/her family through Google Person Finder tool.

The team of TechVorm urges it’s readers especially those located in flood affected area’s to please reach out to those who need help and help them in any/every way possible.

[Sources: NDMA, Google India Blog]


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