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Google To Release HTC One With Pure Android In US On June 26 For $599

Google has made a trend to offer the highly successful smartphones with its stock Android OS. After deciding to launch Samsung’s highly popular Galaxy S4 in US for $ 649, Google will also sell HTC One with unmodified version of Android OS,for $599. Both these devices will be for US only. These smartphones with stock Android will be available on Google Play Store from 26th June.


The stock version of Android or pure Android smartphone caters to users who want the default version of Android and not the versions that have been modified by phone manufacturers. In the case of HTC, the company superimposes its HTC Sense over Android OS and Samsung puts TouchWiz over Android on its smartphones.

Google’s stock Android smartphones will be unlocked and they will get all the updates directly from Google by default, and these smartphones will not be at the mercy of the phone making companies to get the updates.

Google is launching only those smartphones with stock Android, which are getting rave reviews in the market. Samsung has sold more tahn 10 million Galaxy S4 in less than a month since its launch. HTC has been also able to sell 5 million HTC One smartphones since its launch in March, despite its supply glitches. HTC would have achieved much better sales figure had it been able to ship out the required quantity in the launched market. But, slowly it is coming out of the woods and going by the reception it is receiving, it will certainly surpass the expectations of the HTC.

The HTC ONE is elegantly designed and has refined metallic body, and features 4.7-inch full HD 1080p display WITH 468 ppi. This smartphone is powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. This phone comes with a 4MP rear camera that uses UltraPixel sensor, and a front camera as well of 2.1MP with 1080p video chat and recording. Another prominent feature of HTC One is its BoomSound dual speakers placed conveniently, which gives much better sound quality that is further enhanced by Beats Audio and HDR recording.


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