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Guest Posting – An Introduction

Lately, you must have noticed a lot of emphasis is being laid on guest posting. Every other blogger, whether a newbie or a well established one, is engaged in guest posting. It has almost become a thumb rule for bloggers.

For those, who dont know or haven’t heard about this term, and were thinking of closing your browser tab, here’s the deal.

Guest posting, in simple terms is like writing a post for some other blog instead of your own.

Now reading this a series of questions must have popped in your mind, “Why the hell do i want to write a post for some other blog ? What do i get in return ? What is the purpose of doing so ? ” Well dont be in a hurry !

Read on and you will get all your queries solved.

Guest Blogging

Starting with the first question, why do you want to write for some other blog ?
It has got a simple answer, to increase your awareness. Writing for other blogs specially renowned ones, gives you and your blog exposer. The readers will get to know you, your blog, your writing style, your niche, etc. And if the readers find your articles interesting, they will visit your blog. So, you basically are making your presence felt through other established blogs. Thats like indirect advertising ! Isnt it ?

Moving further, the second query was what do you get in return ?
As i explained above you are driving traffic to your blog. This is one main factor which should encourage you to engage yourself in guest posting. The second factor is income. With the advent of guest posting,

Another term came to existence and that was revenue sharing. Almost all the blogs accepting guest posts have implemented revenue sharing. In simple terms, you get paid according to the ads clicked on your post page. Revenue sharing is one factor that is drawing lot of guest authors. Not only the guest authors but also rookies who dont have a blog and have never written a post before are also trying to make money through guest posting !

Now, lastly comes the purpose. I think those who had this query earlier, will now have got an answer to it. For those who didnt, guest posting makes you stand tall with other other bloggers by showcasing your expertise in a particular niche. It also makes your presence felt in an otherwise overcrowded internet world full of bloggers !

Hope, you enjoyed the post and learnt something about guest blogging. Dont forget to share your experience about Guest Blogging with us.



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